Welcome fellow haters of the werewolf race.

Werewolves are a pandemic spread through our world today. We need to wipe this disease from the face of the earth. Follow these tips on not only how to kill these horrific creatures but also how to survive a ferocious attack by them.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hunting of the werewolves... or somthing like that. :D

Have you ever been mauled by a random werewolf? Isn't it a pain when you cant catch it after it tries to rip you to shreds? Well now I will give you some tips to avoid serious injury and anger problems for not catching them werewolves. Tip 1: Always carry around food or toys that dog-like creatures would enjoy, Then if you see them before they get you you can distract them, for more options continue reading. Tip 2: Silver is the kyptonite to werewolves, It is like a kill shot no matter were it hits, so buy silver bullets or silver coated knives for your top protection. Tip 3: Werewolves are a lot like dogs but more human like, If you don't want to go through the process of making silver weapons or spend the money on them just get the werewolf distracted. Once distracted with food or chew toy find a scratch spot that it enjoys and loves you for it. Then you can take it home and lock it up, kill it, or use it for your own evil bidding. Tip 4: Don't run until its distracted, It will catch you. Werewolves run on average of a nice 60 mph. So even if your on a bike you cant hide it. If you have no food, toys, or weapons I am sorry to say... But you are screwed. Tip 5: Kill them at all cost. If you captured one you can use it but don't use it multiple times, Use it 1 time, Maybe 2 but I wouldn't risk it. Then put it down, They are inhumane and a danger to all human kind.